Honey Quality Laboratory services

In terms of average honey production, we do not have good conditions in the world with about 11 to 12 kg of honey per colony per year. In the advanced countries of the world, the average production is over 30 kg per colony. Iran ranks 10th in terms of production and 7th in terms of average production. Inadequacy of educational centers, mentors and lack of attention to the bee sector as well as poor communication between promoters and researchers can be considered as major obstacles to honey production in the country.

The amount of honey production in the world reaches one million and 650 thousand tons. With this amount of production, Iran has 7% of the world’s production. Also, we have made significant progress in terms of the number of hives produced in the 60s and 90s. As far as the ranking of the country is among the first 4 countries in the world.

About 300,000 native beehives and 7,300,000 hives have been produced in total, which is 8 percent of the world’s beehive production.Considering the increasing demand for natural honey among the society and to honor the hard work of the producers and to brand and categorize the products for our dear traders, we decided to determine the quality by using the world standards with modern and up-to-date equipment. Let’s take a small step to provide laboratory services.